Part-time CFO Services

Do you have a financial leader who can take you to the next level?

A CFO’s duties vary with the size of the company and where it is in its growth stage.


In many circumstances, a full-time CFO is not required and would be a huge financial burden for a cash strapped company. Depending on experience, a qualified CFO will cost anywhere from $175,000 per year and up. Often it is much more cost-effective and efficient to have a CFO available “on-call” and supported by skilled junior and mid-level accountants.

Darren and Juanita can provide these services for your company.

They bring a vast amount of experience and knowledge, as well as relationships with banks, auditors, lawyers, HR and IT services.  Accounting is a small part of the equation at this level.

Few companies require a full-time CFO, especially at the early stages, but every one of them needs the help, especially at the early stages.



In its formative stages companies simply cannot afford to hire a CFO full-time, but always require their skills. Start-ups almost always are better off contracting services such as:

  • Preparing the business plan to help guide the company and to gain investor confidence and capital.
  • Preparing the financial models required for the revenue/expense projections and determining the company’s capital requirements.
  • Finding the appropriate amounts and types of financing (equity, debt, grants, etc.).

Finance Matters has helped many companies through this stage of their life cycle. We work with the company to ensure it is getting the advice and services needed to get to the next stage.



At these stages, the CFO establishes the foundations of a solid operating company by developing robust accounting policies and procedures, hiring intermediate and junior accountants, and overseeing many of the various administrative functions of the company (HR, IT, admin). The CFO’s main concern is controlling the growth of the company and managing it through this cash-intensive period. Again, a full-time CFO might not be required, but one on a part-time contract will often suffice; however, they are often hard to find.

Interested to learn more about what a part-time CFO can provide to your business?

Finance Matters has provided part-time CFO services to a variety of companies at both the commercialization and growth phases. We’d love to discuss how we can help your business.