Part-time Controller Services

Who is managing your financial reporting?

A Controller is responsible for the efficiency and timely performance of the accounting department.

For many small and medium-sized organizations, it may not be financially feasible to hire a Controller on a full-time basis, even though they would benefit from their expertise. A cost-effective alternative is to outsource this function on a part-time or interim basis.



For early-stage companies, Controllers provide guidance and infrastructure to establish and maintain the accounting system, internal controls and the financial reporting process.  A part-time Controller works with your bookkeeper to ensure the accounting is being managed properly and effectively, the reporting is accurate and the cash usage is being properly tracked and on budget.



For companies that are maturing and growing, Controllers have the in-depth accounting knowledge and experience to react to various challenges with complex transactions, preserving cash and accommodating growth. At this stage the various tasks of a controller are:

  • Prepare timely and accurate financial reporting packages for management;
  • Oversee day-to-day accounting operations;
  • Manage special projects;
  • Prepare year-end audit packages and liaise with external auditors;
  • Cash and cost management;
  • Compliance with accounting policies;
  • Budgeting and forecasting;
  • Monitoring internal controls;

Interested to learn more about what a part-time Controller can provide to your business?


Finance Matters can provide part-time Controllers to work with senior members of your management team and your bookkeeper. Our team has first-hand experience in various complex environments and can help guide your bookkeeper to be more productive.