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What we Do

Finance Matters is not your typical accounting firm

We are hands-on with our clients to help them manage their finance department.  Most companies struggle with staffing their finance departments. We strive to remove this pain from the owners/managers who are better served to focus on growing their business, not dealing with the headaches that come with trying to manage a group of accountants.

We seek to help companies that are in early or growth stage and to bridge the gap between your public accountant and your bookkeeper. We are here to help companies who either do not need or cannot afford full-time senior financial and accounting services. We provide the following services:

  • Part-time CFO or Controller services
  • Full-time or contract bookkeeping services
  • Special projects or contract services
  • Virtual finance department

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In our experience, most companies have a high degree of finance staff turnover

This causes undue stress on the company, not to mention the high cost of retraining people in such a vital role.

Turnover is typically due to the following factors:

  • Hiring under-experienced people for their roles and then expecting too much from that person – i.e. asking your bookkeeper to perform the tasks of a CFO
  • Hiring over experienced people and then expecting them to do tasks that a junior member can perform – i.e. asking your CFO to perform data entry tasks.
  • The owner/manager not understanding the various roles and differences between accountants – not all accountants are the same and cannot perform the same tasks.

About Us

Our principals are Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) with years of hands-on expertise


We help companies fill the roles properly. Typically, we start with growing/early-stage companies and provide them with our staff on a contract basis, from CFO services to Controller to Bookkeeper roles. As the company grows, we will replace the bookkeeper with a full-time hire, training and mentoring this person properly. 

As the company continues to grow, the Controller will probably need replacing. If we do our job correctly, we will have helped structure your company with a fully staffed, well-organized finance department.

If at any stage, a hire isn’t the right fit, we can quickly fill that role with our staff member until a replacement is found – it is like a finance department safety net.

We offer affordable, senior-level accounting services specializing in managing early-stage company finance departments.